All our Floor Screeding is carried out to the very highest standards


All our Floor Screeding is carried out to the very highest standards

Floor Screeding in Hertfordshire

Here at Hickey Ltd, we have many years of experience in floor screeding in Hertfordshire and throughout any surrounding areas. We are a leading, well established floor screening company and we are one of the key providers of floor screening in Hertfordshire. Over the years, we have developed a unique skill set that allows us to provide a truly unrivalled service. Our services our tailored to your individual needs. They are tailored to you, your requirements and more importantly, your budget. Together, we can develop a plan that works for you for your floor screeding in Hertfordshire.

High Quality Floor Screeding in Hertfordshire

Above all, we pride ourselves on offering high quality services at cost effective rates. Unlike other companies, we deliver a reliable service and are thoroughly transparent. There are no hidden fees involved with any of our services. We believe that the trust between ourselves and our valued clients is key in providing a quality service. From start to finish, we keep you in the loop with what we are doing. During the initial planning process, we ensure you are content with all of the work we will be undertaking.

We can install liquid or solid screeds to suit your needs. Importantly, we have an extensive experience and knowledge of these systems which allows us to complete each step thoroughly. In addition, we have access to other installers and pumps should they be required. So, with Hickey Ltd, you can rest assured that you will receive a fully comprehensive service to fit your needs.

We believe that for any floor screeding service, it is vital for you to contact true professionals that know what they are doing. If the job is completed poorly, this will lead to costly complications in the future that could have easily been avoided. It is best to ensure you contact industry experts to complete the job correctly. Our experienced team here at Hickey Ltd have a wide skill set that simply sets us apart from other companies. Why settle for anything less than the premium finish and dependable service that you deserve? Contact us with your requirements today.

Our Services

As well as floor screeding in Hertfordshire, we offer a range of other specialist services. This includes:

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So, when you are looking for floor screening in Hertfordshire or any of the surrounding areas, Hickey Ltd is your first choice! Get in touch today to find out exactly what we can do for you. Also, if you have any questions or enquiries around our services then please do not hesitate to contact us. Our friendly and approachable team will be more than happy to assist you and provide further information.


Hickey Limited specialise in the full range of domestic and commercial plastering services which include dry-lining, Partitions, screeding, ceiling repairs, Raised Flooring and general plastering.

We also keep up with modern trends, and to this end have had all our plasterers on courses for Monocouche systems, ie. through coloured render. The popular method of finishing is fast growing, and we can apply many systems from Parex to Webber.


All our work is carried out to the very highest standards by our skilled plasterers and we are always happy to provide honest and professional advice based on our experience in the trade. From Suspended Ceilings and Wall Partitioning, to Office Partitioning and Plastering services, you can count on Hickey LTD.

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